Feral Lawyers

It occurs to me that Texas, like many other states has a problem with feral lawyers. It seems to me that lawyers are reproducing faster and faster and that there is no natural way to control them. I notice that these “law schools” keep spitting out “lawyers” at an incredible rate and yet very few of these “lawyers” are competent to handle anything dealing with real people.

I suppose a trained monkey could read and brief a case as they teach in law school, but very, very few of the lawyers could actually handle a real trial of a case.  I often am amazed that the lawyers are not taught the basics in dealing with real people or emotions,,, they are taught to never get involved in a client’s case.

I ask,, how can you represent an individual in front of a jury if you don’t know anything about him or her? Oh sure,, just get the basics, where they work, who they are married to, what clubs they belong to and the like,,,, but is that enough to tell your client’s story in front of a jury? I don’t think so.

When you really get down to it, very few lawyers ever take the time or put in the effort to get to know the client and his or her case. I’d rather be represented by a person who takes the time to get to know me as an individual. A warrior who knows my struggles and my fears. A warrior who shares joy and suffers defeat with me,,, in short, another caring, loving person. I don’t want some machine representing me, I want a person who is a person.

Anyway, I greatly worry about the quality of lawyers today. I get a great number of clients just answering questions they innocently ask me. It’s amazing how simple it is to communicate. It involves listening and then answering questions asked of you.

I suspect people sense what I already know,,, everyone is just searching for a friend. A great lawyer is a great friend. Someone you can depend on,, someone you can share your feelings with and someone who listens. We do not need more feral lawyers in this country,, we need more lawyers that care.

Remember the jury and client will never care how much you know until they know how much you care. Have a great day,,, I’m off to court.


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