It’s Tax Time

It’s time to get my taxes together for yet another year of not making any money. I really don’t enjoy this task, but it is a necessary evil. I wish the paperwork were a hell of a lot less, but then again, it still needs to be done. It seems that every year before this one I would file extensions so I would not have to deal with this task until October.  But not this year, I’ll just get it done early.

Anyway, I am certain the government would like to know how much I’ll help out the national debt and so be it. I really wonder about those crazies who think the IRS isn’t real, or that the post office shot JFK, but if they want to they can all do what they want and refuse to file a tax return. I don’t recommend it and if you choose to do so,,, just keep my card handy for when the government calls.

I know that the tax returns I file each year just keep getting longer and longer with less money being made each year by me. Go figure. Anyway, enough from me,  just file your return.

Now then relating this to jury service is not that difficult. Each juror usually has to fill out a juror information card and most fill it out properly. Just remember, when anyone prys into our lives without us giving them permission to do so, it makes us uneasy and guarded. Wonder if  any of your prospective jurors might feel that way. Have a nice day,,, I’m doing taxes.


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