Economy’s In The Toilet

I’ll say it now after having said it over and over again,, the economy is in the toilet. I’m in relatively good shape,, meaning I only owe banks 1,000,000 times as much as I might be worth. No really, folks,, this situation is bad news for most people. I don’t see how people can ever afford ammo at the prices the manufacturers charge and it appears they keep increasing the price.

So what do we do? I’ll tell you,,, we laugh about it. It is our fault that the leaders got us in this mess,, we elected them,, we didn’t pay enough attention to them. We trusted them,, they betrayed us and bingo,,, here we are. So how do we solve this crisis? We laugh, we barter and we learn to survive. It’s time to go back to kick the can as the primary toy for kids. It’s time to keep the vehicle we own for a whole lot longer and we do not go with no money down, no interest loans to buy stuff we don’t need.

I don’t know about guns though,, a layaway  plan on the essentials might be something we need,, but probably we need a layaway plan on ammo. Anyway, back to the economy’s in the toilet. I have clients who need legal representation and the clients all have trades and skills they are good at. None of the clients have the money necessary to retain competent legal representation and living on a ranch, I always need things done. I mean who is gonna build my bomb shelter? Who is gonna build my water purification system? Who is gonna stock my pantry and underground bunker with non perishable goods? Who is gonna buy my ammo? Who is gonna buy diesel for my tractors and trucks?

I don’t take credit cards in my practice, so maybe the clients who have credit cards can use them to buy goods that I need as part of my fee. In this economy,, be inventive,, be different. Take items in trade for fees. You’ll be helping everyone.

Each person is a worthwhile individual who is unique and has unique gifts. I say, utilize those unique gifts and barter. Frankly, I don’t really give a damn what happens on Wall Street with some giant corporation whose agenda got it into the shape it’s in,,, I give a damn about putting food on my family’s table.

So in the end,, all we have is the gift to laugh at ourselves and learn. I’m just afraid we have forgotten how to laugh and the boob tube will never let us learn.

How does this relate to a jury trial? It’s quite simple,, a little humor at the right time and in the proper amount helps humanize your client. In the end, there is only your client and his or her story. Have a nice day,, I’m off to the target range.


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