Oh My God,,, 92 in a 65 Zone

What the hell was I thinking? I mean 92 in a 65 zone,, what’s up with that crap? I guess in my defense, I should tell you the story with absolute truth. I am in my rental car and going to pick up my client in Rockdale, when I am stopped going 92 in a 65 zone. I am not thinking about speed or trying to set any land speed records,,, I am just in a new car and don’t pay attention to how fast I am going.

You know, sometimes in a new car, you never know how fast you’re going, until you look down or are stopped. It’s easy when there are cars around you and you can’t pass them. You might think these cars are going too slow until you look and see you’re going too fast,,, then you slow down.

Here in the morning in the middle of nowhere, there are no cars to pace me,,, the car is riding smoother than my car that is in the shop and guess what,,, I’m stopped. Not paying attention to what I’m doing and it catches me flat footed. I’m at least not put in jail. Anyway, during the stop, I figured out some important procedures that I’d like to pass along here.

Now, I know I’m not dangerous,,, but the officer couldn’t because I’m in a rental. So when the lights come on,  I signal and pull over onto a turn road lane. Now I don’t know if this is DPS or a county cop, so I’m not sure whether to get out of the car or not. DPS prefers you out,, locals do not. I roll down the window and place both hands out of the window so the officer can see them. Up he comes and I tell him I have a concealed handgun permit and then ask him if he wants me to get out? He says yes,, so out I go.

Anyway,, the long and the short of it is this,, if you are ever arrested, don’t try and out run them,, you can’t. Just be very nice and cooperative with the officer and guess what,, you’ll probably not have any difficulties with him or her. Remember, the time and place to seek a resolution of your case is in front of a jury or judge,, not an officer who just gives you a ticket. It’s kinda like trying to get a juror to change his or her mind and follow your agenda. It won’t work. Have a nice day,, I’m off to court.


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  1. matt Says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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