Austin, Texas Here I Come

Today I am going to Austin, Texas for a bit to begin work on a case that I hope will resolve itself very quickly. My client, who hired me yesterday, has been charged with a misdemeanor and has more credit for time spent in jail than the case is possibly worth. In his case, the maximum is 1 year in jail and he has, over a period of 3 years the case has been pending, spent over a year in jail.

That’s what “lawyers” call time served. Now here’s the problem,, what to look for in the case. Immediately, I look for the probable cause to stop and arrest my client. If it is there, then perhaps the case can be disposed of today. Maybe not though, if there is no probable cause to stop and arrest.

Anyway, I have to leave very early this morning, so I’ll leave you with this,,, sometimes probable cause is not enough to determine a client’s future,,, sometimes you just gotta try the case to a jury. Have a great day.


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