Wow, Even The Law Students Can’t Stand The Crap They Teach Today

It’s interesting that yesterday I met a new friend at a coffee shop in Dallas. I am drinking some overpriced modern drink that the marketing reps say I can’t live without and I notice some poor lost dazed soul reading what appears to be law books. I naturally must go to her to talk to her and realize she must be going to law school. I ask her what she’s studying and she tells me law at one of the most prestigious and expensive law schools in the country.

I then ask her what year and she tells me that she is just starting out and has completed her first semester there. I’m impressed, but I remember that my life in law school was terribly difficult the first year and mostly full of panic and I ask her what course she’s studying. She tells me contracts.

Anyway, enough of the preliminary crap,, we get down to business. I understand her social life, like mine in law school is gone to hell, because we are so afraid that we will fail we spend every waking moment studying some ancient principle of law,,, over and over again until we know it in our sleep. Interesting. I tell her that I could train a monkey to recite a case and write a legal brief,, but I could never train a “lawyer” to be a real person. It’s true.

I often wonder what would happen if the powers that be in law school actually allowed me to train some “lawyers” to try a case against the “lawyers” trained by the great imminent professors. I bet my students would kick the crap out of the “trained lawyers” in front of a real jury. Anyway, back to the crap they teach in law school today.

It seems to me that anyone who ever listened to “lawyers” today would want to strangle them and their teachers,,, but then again, who would want to waste their time doing that senseless act? So, I believe that when the public and the students can’t stand the crap they teach today in law schools,,, then maybe, just maybe, it’s time for a change.

What would happen if law schools taught classes on painting? Or poetry? Or if you banned TV from the camp? I suppose a better person and lawyer would emerge. One that is not interested in money alone,, but justice. Have a nice day,,, I’m off to “lawyer camp”.


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