What On Earth Will I Write About Today

Well, I’m betting that it’ll be something to do with trials and you’re right. I won’t disappoint you. Here’s what I’m thinking,,, sometimes you have a persecutor who will not share the information with you that the accusers have until the day of trial and after the witnesses have testified. That ain’t right, so how to stop it? Here’s how,,, we as the defense bar must try every case the prosecution files of they won’t give us their reports and the like.

Nothing makes a government employee madder that having to work 1 second beyond his or her 40 hours. Another tactic is to file with the Judge a Motion to Take the Deposition of the Police Officers, then maybe the government will start giving us their files more and more to view.

Not every case should be tried,,, but if you can’t see the opposition’s case,,, then how do you know whether to try it or not? Isn’t it close to malpractice not knowing what the other side has? I suppose the government wants to surprise you when you have the audacity to demand a jury trial,, but if one is not needed,,, why ask for one? It seems to me that the government has a vested interest in making the process flow smoother and smoother, but won’t. Maybe it’s because the government has been burned before by defense attorneys,, I don’t know,,, but, it seems to me there is a hell of a lot of work that does not have to be done, if only the government would cooperate and make the case available early on.

So here’s what I’m thinking,,, the defense should take a lead in writing a more comprehensive discovery order for the courts to sign. Have a nice day,, I’m off to Dallas.


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