Today’s a Day to Hunt

It’s getting kinda hot down here in Texas,, I mean not real Texas hot just yet, but I think we’ve had our 3 days of spring and before long,,, probably tomorrow, it’ll be summer. So, I’d better get to hunting before it’s too hot and the only animals I’ll see are at 2:00 A.M.

We hunt hogs here and hogs are kinda funny because they do not like the heat and as it gets hotter and hotter, they tend to restrict their movement during the heat of the day and move only at night. The hogs tend to stay near water and unless they are chased away. I do not intend to coddle the hogs,, I intend to chase the hell out of them. It is my personal mission in life to destroy as many hogs as I possible can.

Now you may think that my hunting is somewhat cruel, but you all have never seen the damage hogs do to our pastures. I have seen the pastures completely level and not a blade of grass out of place in the afternoon and when I come back by in the morning,, it looks like someone dropped several bombs on it. I sometimes think the hogs have plowed the hell out of the pasture and gotten away with it over time.

Anyway,, it’s just time to hunt hogs. Life is too short and I enjoy doing that,, so I’m going to hunt today. Of course, I’ll need to go to the city at some point in time to visit my local gun  shop and see what’s up there. And I’ll need to go visit some clients and talk to them about their cases,, but I’ll do that tomorrow when I’m fresh and the hunting bug has passed.

It’s also time to fish and maybe later today, I’ll go fishing. I’ve got to clean out my room and take care of paper work that has been building up for some time and that is also on the agenda.

Well, there you have it. How does this in any way relate to trial? Sometimes you must take a mental health day just for yourself and only yourself in order to be a better trial attorney. Have a nice day,, I’m off to hunt.


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