I Need Some Sleep

Oftentimes during trial, I am unable to get any sleep at all. It’s kinda frustrating going a long time without sleep, but somehow I seem to do it. Usually when I’m in trial, I get so much adrenalin going that I just can’t lay down and get quiet. But today, I think I’ll try a new trick,, I’ll sleep when the persecution is droning on and on about nothing. No not really,,, I won’t do that, but I often wonder how long people’s attention span really is.

I seem to think that the more lecturing that is done, the faster the masses go to sleep. I know when I was in school, I always got my best sleep during boring lectures. I assume that most people react the same way,, maybe not, but probably so. I believe that the trial I am in will finish today or tomorrow and I just can feel the witnesses the government will produce will be short lived witnesses. That is, I believe their testimony will be brief from the state. I wonder about my cross examination though. I mean, if you have been reading these posts, then you’ll know that cross is simple.

I just wonder if the government trusts  its case to be able to put it on in less than one day. That seems kinda quick to me. I mean, 7 witnesses in one day, final argument and deliberations,,, well I just don’t know. It reminds me of a time when I tried a case against an auctioneer type “lawyer”. You all know the type,, remember those commercials for the phone usage when the entire family spoke so fast,, you thought they were all auctioneers? I just don’t think that will happen here today,, hell, we haven’t even talked about putting on my case yet. I suppose that in today’s society, everyone is used to going at the speed of light,,, well, I ain’t.

I can’t imagine boring the jury, but I can’t give them the Evelyn Wood speed reading course either. A trial should be at the pace you are comfortable with,, not some arbitrary pace determined by the persecution opponent or judge. But I also say this,, the trial should not bore the jury. A really bad play that is slow still is a really bad play. Conversely, a really good play that is too quick doesn’t allow the audience to bond or write great reviews.

Each trial must go at its own pace, set by your client’s own story. Nothing rushed, but nothing drawn out to boredom. You are your own best timekeeper. The natural tendency is to go too fast and people tend to rush things when they feel intimidated. I say, be comfortable in your own skin,,, end of story. The act of being oneself is better appreciated than trying to be someone you’re not. In the end,, your client is the only thing that matters,, not your agenda, not your story,, just the client’s story. You must be comfortable within your own hide,,, you know, all natural,, not some phony. So I say this,, just be yourself when you tell your client’s story to your new friends. Have a nice day,,, I’m gonna try and nap for 30 minutes or so.


One Response to “I Need Some Sleep”

  1. Heidi Says:

    I read obediently (-: I didn’t understand it all, but I enjoyed the spirit of it and could definitely relate parts to non trial situations. Have you heard that our old landlord is taking us to small claims court? If you’re interested we can have a facebook email conversation an I can tell you all it. Old hat to you I’m sure, but very…um…interesting to us.

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