Man It Gets Frantic Trying to Slow Down

You know, it really gets to be hectic, trying to slow down here in the country. I mean yesterday, I went fishing in my favorite fishin hole and only caught a bunch of bass instead of my usual whole bunch of bass. Don’t worry environmentalists,,, it’s catch and release here. I put my favorite 99 cent lure, an H&H spinner on my rod and off I went. The problem today is that the H&H lure now costs about $1.50 instead of 99 cents. I guess we gave those poor folks in China or whatever country a raise. Why didn’t it go to America instead?

Anyway, I was fishing and got to noticing the time,, it began to slip away and I still hadn’t gone and shot some of my guns yet, so I had to stop that high stress bass fishing just to get all my stress relieving shooting out of the way. It’s a damn good thing I did, because while I was shooting, I noticed that the 4 wheeler hadn’t been ridden in quite awhile and I had to stop my stress relieving shooting just to take care of off roading. Man is it ever getting impossible to relax what with all the responsibilities I got. As I’m 4 wheeling, I notice some of the feeders need corn and batteries, so I have to stop relaxing and do that. What a chore,, I mean no TV, no radio, no human contact,, just me, Baby and the cows watching me fell the feeders and the cows hoping I’ll spill some corn. The mere thought of being alone in nature is enough to cause a guy to snap.. It’s lucky for me, that task didn’t take too long and I soon noticed it was getting time to go dancing,,, another high anxiety task that must be performed regularly.

I get to the dance hall and see a few ladies who need a good dancing and off I go,, stressing out again. Man, will it ever stop? The incredible amount of pressure I’m under has got to stop,,, maybe I can find a hobby that’ll help relieve all this stress. I know, I’ll go get a job,, then the stress level won’t kill me.

It may seem remarkable to some, but life is what you make it. While trying a case in front of a jury, just remember, what may be fun for you,, may be high stress for the juror. Have a nice day,,, I’m off to my job.


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