Writing a Musical Is Kinda Like Trying a Case

You know, I guess writing a musical is kinda like trying a case. I mean you have the characters, the scenes, the settings, the story, the conflict, the drama, the theme, the audience who is like the jury and the director, who is the trial attorney.

So if you had to,, how would you write a musical? Would you introduce all your characters to the audience? Would every character tell the part of the musical you wanted to be told by each character? Would you have a villain? Would you have a hero? Would you have conflict? Would you have props? Would you have a grand finale? Would you have to introduce each character as you told the story?

I don’t know about you and I’ve never written a musical before, but perhaps it is time I did.  Simply take all the knowledge I gathered from storytelling and reuse it in writing my musical. I’d have to come up with a story and what better way to do that than model it after a trial?

So what story do I tell? Why not tell the story I tell in trial on any given case? I am sure that these cases have at least one theme in common. Why not follow the general pattern that I follow in trial with my client’s story? You know if you read these posts in order,,,, you can figure out all the secrets to successfully trying a case and hence writing a musical.

I like to think that I have something to contribute to trial work for those that want or need help. Wouldn’t selecting your musical director be just like hiring an expert? So what about funding? Well wouldn’t that come from the client? What about  your audience? Wouldn’t that be just like voir dire and the jury panel? Wouldn’t the critics be just like the judge making his or her rulings in your case?

Now, I’m not suggesting that every lawyer suddenly drop everything and become a writer,,, what I saying is this,,, the preparation of a successful trial of a case is something you can use in everyday life in every situation,,,, just be yourself. Have a nice day,,, I’m off to prepare for trial.


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