It’s Saturday, The Cows Are Worked and It’s Time To Relax Before Trial

Sometimes I get ready for trial by relaxing totally. I usually do what I’ve done for years, go to the movies, shoot a hundred rounds of ammo, read some from my stash of books and try not to think. I find it helps when I don’t try to hard. It is important just to remember to be me and not some barrister from jolly old England, (Rumpold) or Perry Mason, or Matlock or whoever the hell is currently on that boob tube thingie.

For years, I fought with myself trying to run and hide who I am and it never works. I find the harder I try and not be myself, the more I get uncomfortable with me and the more uncomfortable I am with the jury. It shows when I try and memorize questions and the like because I can not do it. I must be spontaneous. I often wonder what happens to those who plan every move out and then chuckle when the moves get out of order or the opposition doesn’t do exactly as planned.

What would happen to these folks on a date when they are trying to get romance and their date doesn’t move exactly as they planned? It might be kinda awkward. I suppose about the time they starting getting ready for bed and a night of romance,,, they might find themselves out on the front porch being told to go home by their date, much to their surprise.

Anyway, I have a trial on Monday and I’m getting ready for it. I have met with the client and gone over things. I am curious though about the process of preparing for trial. If I can only remember what times the movie starts. It appears that everyone has different ways of preparing for battle and my way is just that,,, my way. It may and probably will not work for anyone else and all I can suggest is that you find your own way to prepare for your own battles.

I find for me that being a warrior in battle is no different for me than just being myself. At the right time, at the right place, all that I am will be mustered against the oppressive mechanisms the government uses to attempt to convict my client.   It is my nature,,, it is who I am,,, it is me. One prepares for battle, and then one relaxes before the impending storm after all the preparations have been made. It is the nature of the warrior to find his or her own peace before battle. I imagine Wahoo McDaniels or Killer Kowalski did not wrestle the day before their many championship fights and I suspect that is true of all the other heavyweight champions in any sport.

I’ve learned one thing in my life as a trial lawyer,,, it is more important to just be yourself in front of a jury than know every dead case on point taken from some musty old law books that hang around dead courthouses. Have a nice day,, I’m going to the movies.


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