Young Lawyers Scare Me

It’s true,, younger lawyers scare the hell out of me. No I don’t mean the age of the lawyer,, I mean the experience of the lawyer. I would much rather face a lawyer who is “experienced” than one who is fresh out of the box. I can tell you from personal experience that “experienced” lawyers usually are set in their ways and it’s easier to figure out their techniques.

Now these young “lawyers” usually aren’t corrupted with all those “lawyer” techniques and quite frankly can do more in front of a jury than those set in their ways. I seem to remember that “lawyers” who have very little experience but fresh in ideas can very easily win a case. I mean I could train a monkey to look up the law and regurgitate some meaningless facts and points of law that might impress other monkeys,,, but I doubt I could ever train an experienced “lawyer” just to be him or herself.

A young “lawyer” has much less chance of doing the act of “lawyering” in front of a jury and a much better chance of just being themselves than an experienced “lawyer”. So how about it? Do you want a “lawyer” who will constantly act like a “lawyer”, or do you want a person who will just be themselves?

Remember, it’s not who you act like that’ll impress the jury,,, it’s who you are that will. Have a nice day,, I’m off to work cattle.


One Response to “Young Lawyers Scare Me”

  1. matt Says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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