Cow’s On The Road

It’s around 11:30 P.M. and I get a call from the Sheriff’s office,, “there’s a cow out on the road near you”. That’s all I need to hear as I know I won’t get any sleep the rest of the night. So me and Baby get in the truck and go looking for this cow. Now you’ve got to understand in Texas, we look out for each other’s livestock. We do this because one day one of mine may get out and I’d like to think that the neighbor didn’t rebrand her and her calf.

So as I get into the truck, I notice something that ain’t occurred in a long time,,, rain. It’s coming down pretty good and I’m glad. I have to use 4 wheel drive on some of the county roads round here and I do. As I’m looking for this cow, I finally find her and see she’s wet,, you know, she’s got a calf on her. Right now, the calf ain’t with her, which is good because the calf may get hit by a car or truck, but I gotta figure out whose cow this is. My fences have all been rebuilt recently and I figured that the cow that is on the road ain’t mine, but you never know. A tree could fall on the fence or the wires could get cut,, so you go and check it out anyway.

Now one good thing about being a cow man, is you recognize different types of cows and you can generally figure out whose cow it is if you don’t recognize the brand. I am able to tell that this cow is a Hereford cow and my neighbor about 5 miles away runs Hereford. I call the Sheriff back and tell him and pretty soon my neighbor comes and we “spotlight” the cow to look at her brand. My neighbor says it ain’t his cow and I believe him. Every self respecting cow man knows his or her own cows and when he says it ain’t his,, well, it ain’t his cow.

Anyway, we follow the cow back to a creek bed and she turns in,,, I don’t know where she goes, but you can be damn certain she will find her calf. My neighbor and I talk for awhile and he tells me about the fella who sold out a few years ago who had that brand. He says it’s that brand and figures that the cow was missed when they rounded up all the cattle to sell the a few years ago.

So there you have it folks, a free range cow and her calf somewhere, just eating grass and getting fat as a tick and not really caring whose land she is on. I don’t think this momma cow would respect any fences at all,, she just wants to roam and be left alone. That is one cow I truly admire,, not bound by rules and regulations,, just free. If it were up to me,, all fences would be down and we would free range all the cattle in Texas, but it don’t work that way. Some cityfolk might get a right bit disturbed if a cow ate their lawn and then deposited some free campfire material.

Now how in the hell am I going to relate this to a jury trial? Well, here’s how,,,, sometimes members of a jury are just like free range cows,,, they don’t really care bout fences or rules,, they’ll just decide with their heart what justice is. Have a nice day,, I’m off to the Rosebud auction tonight.


2 Responses to “Cow’s On The Road”

  1. Remy Says:

    Hey Brother,

    I totally love the free range cow thingee you got going here!!! Now ai don’t think my jurors would like me calling them cows, especially the female one, but I totally get what your saying!!! Miss you brother and hope to see you in WY this summer!!!

    • paul2413 Says:


      Always great to hear from you. We’ll see each other shortly,,, till then keep winning with the TLC method.

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