Cowboy Justice

I have always been a fan of westerns and like it or not, Texas will always be associated with westerns. These kids today don’t know anything about a western, let alone a cowboy. When I was growing up, the most important thing a fella could do was live by the cowboy creed. Today, that creed is interrupted by a thousand distractions available to youngsters. All you have to do is listen to the kids today and you find not one of them wants to be a cowboy. This young generation that’ll someday take over is not giving me a great amount of comfort for my older years.

I watch the youngsters today and see them involved in so many different things that it ain’t any wonder that kids today have ADD or whatever the hell they call it. It’s difficult to concentrate when you have 380 different TV stations wanting to get your attention and a kid with a remote channel changer. I grew up and one of my toys was a can that I kicked all over the back 40,, today, kids don’t know anything about kick the can. They know how to play Nintendo or some such foolish video game. I’d hate to see what geography they might know. But in their defense,, a lot of those countries do change names and governments faster than I change underwear. Ah, it was great when all we had to know was USSR.

Anyway,, I just am afraid today trying a case to a jury because of the youngsters on the panel. Hell, I don’t know anything about their world and they don’t really care about mine I suppose. My generation tends to relate to giving people pain, while the younger generation tends to take someone away from the family. I guess that’s how jurors relate to cowboy justice. Have a nice day,, I’m off to jail.


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