Why Ain’t The Greatest Trial Lawyer in America Listed in the ABA Magazine?

I haven’t read this piece of crap that the blue bloods say is the “official” magazine of the law profession, but I’ve heard from plenty of my friends who have. I tend not to read magazines that are published by those whose money and power try to control the thoughts and actions of every lawyer in America. It just ain’t right. If every lawyer fit into a mold made by corporate America,,, then mom and pop could never afford a lawyer. Those who are horrible disfigured and injured,, would never get in front of a jury. Those who are accused of committing criminal acts,, would all be executed and all justice would be about who has the most money,, not who is in dire need of justice.

Anyway, I am just wondering why the greatest trial lawyer in America is not mentioned in this official magazine? I know Racehorse,, I know a lot of the attorneys mentioned in this magazine and yet no mention of Gerry Spence. Why?

Perhaps it is because Gerry Spence summarily kicked the crap out of all those hot shot attorneys who claim to know everything,,, but don’t. It’s funny because Racehorse was an instructor at the Trial Lawyers College in years past. For those of you who don’t know,, the Trial Lawyers College is founded by Gerry Spence in 1994 and trains trial lawyers in the art of trying cases. It is only open to those who represent criminal defendants and individuals. It is not open to those who represent insurance defense, government or corporate institutions. It is a college to train lawyers for the people,,, not lawyers for the institutions.

I have personally seen the results that occur with those who are fortunate to be able to attend the college. Magic happens. Record verdicts are achieved. Not guilty verdicts are the norm. The playing field is evened. No longer do those that have money control the juries. I truly see justice for the little guy. I no longer see those with money and power trampling roughshod over the less fortunate. The principles that America is founded upon come to life,,, you know,, the right to a trial by jury.

I am embarrassed that my friend and mentor Gerry Spence is not mentioned in this “official” magazine. Perhaps those of you who don’t know him,,, just might google him. I have come to learn a new freedom and mission,,,, and I owe it all to my friend and America’s greatest trial lawyer,,, Gerry Spence. Remember,, “All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.”  Have a nice day,, I’m off to court.


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