Slow Dancing, Eating, Drinks and The Can’t Hardly Play Boyz

There’s a little place called the “Cotton Club & Steakhouse” in Granger, Texas that has live music on Sunday afternoons / nights. I went there yesterday and was frankly impressed. A crowded dance floor, some couple dancing together, but it seems like there is 7 feet between them and many, many more characters. A fella could write an entire novel about the population of the room. I seen School Marm Parsons, Banker Overdue, Left Foot Simpson, Mr. Intensity and my personal favorite Hands McCoy.

I suppose that setting the scene is something you readers want to hear about,, so I’ll set it. A rustic saloon with a new wooden dance floor facing the stage where the band plays is the main thing you notice when you arrive at the Cotton Club & Steakhouse. On the left side of the club as you enter it is a bar half the length of the building and being a 2 story operation, the overhang extends around the club like a horseshoe with seating up top.

Neon lights aflashing, the only thing missing are the spittoons, mixed in with the various flags and shoe shine stand. I half expect to see 1000 head of buffalo and the occasional well placed Indian appear, but all I see is a fella who is the local version of a  John Travolta wanna-be. A couple, who I sat next to observing this tells me they have been married for over 57 years or more,,, I think they loose count, but none the less, at least they dance quite a bit.

The dance floor is slicker than ice and I slip and slide whilst trying to corral some fillies,, I think I’d have better luck on a frozen pond than here, but what the heck. I notice that the dances are all two-step or an offshoot of Polka, with a little bit of cowboy swing mixed in.

I notice that the crowd ain’t all that young, in fact, I may be one of the younger ones there, but at least everyone has fun. I didn’t see any fighting,,, just friendly dancing and more dancing. I never see any grinding, like these youngsters claim is dancing today,, just real dancing by real folk. I recommend this oasis to all who like to dance,, but come early, otherwise the dance floor crowds and you can’t move on it.

Now relating this to a jury trial ain’t really that hard and here’s how it is,, your jury may want to dance and you better damn well know some steps. Don’t have to be nothing fancy,, just some basic steps until your own style comes through. Bottom line is just be yourself, nothing more, nothing less. Have a nice day, I’m off to court.


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