The Good Old Boys

Now I must admit that I borrowed that title from Elmer Kelton,, the greatest writer Texas ever knew, but I’m here to write about something else today. The things that bother me today are the imprints of our father’s ideas that we so blindly cling to. You know, good old boys in Texas has a different meaning than most places. In Texas, good old boys refers to a system in place that excludes all those who don’t think or act like those who set out the rules. And when a new fella comes along and learns the rules and starts to beat the good old boys at their own game,,, well, the rules are suddenly changed for the good old boys to win again.

It hardly don’t seem right, but that’s the system. It kinda reminds me of the old southern attitudes that many civil rights activists faced in the 60’s. It seems that in the deep south, all ideas of equality and inclusion were summarily dismissed with a lynching. I do not have to think long about the terrible crimes against humanity brought about by many angry mobs in the south in opposition to racial equality. We have made progress in this area, but it is not perfect and much work remains to be done.

On March 6th, the anniversary of the Selma march occurred and I don’t even remember hearing or reading about it at all. I suppose that the boob tube was preaching about the latest match for some “bachelor” too stupid to find his own mate that he requires the help of a TV to “find true love”. What a crock of crap. Why didn’t he just go on the internet, which Al Gore invented and find true love? Everyone knows that’s the proper way today.

Anyway, the other news channels were preaching their selective gospel of hate and exclusion, so they, being unfair and out of balance failed to mention the greatest moment in our country’s history. They instead chose to belittle those who don’t think the way they think or vote the way they vote. Pathetic. It took a British TV station to remind us one this moment.

Some argue that racial equality is now not an issue, but I say extend racial equality to all aspects of our life,,, allow for new racial and ethnic prejudices to be cast away. You know, when one has money, most of the people preaching inequality and hate, do not care. In fact, those that need a loan or those that are selling something, seldom care today what religion, race, color or creed the buyer is,, as long as they have cash. But in a perplexing change of events,, if the buyer is trying to get funding,, well, he’d better not be different than the seller.

It’s a strange world out there, and it is run by prejudices and opinions formed from our fathers and their fathers before them. Today, the TV substitutes for many of our fathers and the culture of hate prevails. When we we get rid of the good old boys? I don’t know, but we can change the world one person at a time.

So how does this relate to a jury trial? Remember, jurors will have certain beliefs that you will never change,, just remember DA Life and First Assistant Death’s jury selection method, and you will begin to understand that you must accept the juror’s beliefs and never judge them. Have a nice day, I’m getting ready for trial.

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