How Come There Ain’t Any Ammo Available?

The other day, I went to my local gun store and begin looking for some ammo for some of the guns I have. I am surprised to learn that most, if not all the ammo is bought out and very little is available. That scares me greatly, because my guns will do no good if I don’t have any ammo for them. It seems that every man woman and child (over 21, of course)  has bought out all the ammo. I find when there is a shortage of supply of hard to find items, the price usually skyrockets and ammo is no exception.

I even attempt to order ammo on-line, but am not able to because it is all sold out and on “back-order”, whatever the hell that means. I guess everyone has some panic set in where they are afraid that there will be a ban on guns or ammo, maybe that’s true, maybe not. All I know is this, the white house ought to have more important priorities than banning guns and ammo. In these uncertain economic times,, why destroy the one industry that is booming?

I want everyone to just go to their local gun store and try and buy either ammo or a gun and see for yourself the incredible shortage of goods. I am amazed that no decent ammo or guns are available. It’s not like America needs to stop manufacturing guns or ammo. It’s like there is a panic among buyers today that can not be explained by any economic theory in place. I don’t understand it all. I begin to see panic set in the faces of people who go to the gun store. They will purchase any gun, no matter what quality, just to avoid being left out. I am also impressed at the prices they will pay for the guns. Guns that gun stores used to be ashamed to put on display at a respectable gun store are now commanding top dollar even at respectable gun stores. Quality guns are no where to be found. The same is true of ammo.

I guess this relates to a jury trial in the following manner; if your jury feels a sense of panic, one way or another, they will act irrationally and no matter what logic or evidence is used,,, they will vote with their panic feelings quickly before voting with the facts.  Have a nice day, I’m off to prepare for trial.


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