What Would Happen If We Raised Our Children Like Lawyers Treat Their Clients?

Holy crap, did I just write something as sac-religious as that? I mean, how do you think your client feels when you as a lawyer treat him or her as a commodity? Why don’t we just say to clients,, “you’re no longer Mr. Jones, you’re this month’s rent. You’re no longer Ms. Jacobs, you’re this month’s phone bills. You’re no longer Ms. White, you’re this month’s secretary’s salary.” On and on it would go, until we begin treating our children like commodities.

I just say that in the title most lawyers achieve, it says Attorney and COUNSELOR. Now, I don’t know about you, but the word counselor feels safe to me. It is someone who can solve problems and offer solutions. It is also someone who can help,, sometimes with just a great big hug. You know, in some cultures, it is a shun not to hug someone. In some cultures, it is a sin not to look them in the eye and recognize the other person for who they are.

I notice that in our hate driven culture,, we simply refuse to allow us to get close to anyone. Just try this, greet every new person you see today with a resounding hello and look them straight in the eye when you do that. I bet most of you look away, or can’t even get the words out of your mouth,,, kinda like it’s a sin to be friendly. How many people respond in kind? If I say hello, most people say hello back, but only if I recognize them by looking them in the eye when I say hello. Do you look others in the eye when you say something to them?

It’s easy to be friendly to those you know,, but try being friends with those you do not know. I bet your preconceived notions of who you are and how that other person is so different from you that you find yourself not liking the other person, before you even meet them. And God forbid, if they vote differently than you, or if the attend a different church than you. It’s like we become uncomfortable when we have to meet new people. Now that you have that feeling firmly in your stomach, ask someone you don’t know for help. Notice immediately that you change your body language, your expressions and your attitude.

Notice that those God awful “strangers” aren’t so bad after all and you enjoy meeting those that can help. Notice that when you help someone you don’t know, you begin to feel good about yourself. Isn’t that what we want our children to know? Are you ever afraid to hug your children?

Now lawyers, imagine that the client is there asking for help and you remain uncomfortable with the client. You don’t want to hug him or her,, all you want to do is get the overhead paid. Perhaps you want a new car or whatever, and your ticket just happens to be a “client”. Imagine treating your children that way.

Why is it when we as lawyers help someone we don’t know with something not related to law,,, we feel good about ourselves? But when we help someone as a client,, we think of them as paying the bills? By the way, lawyers, how many of your old clients stay in touch with you and call you once in awhile, or do you call them ever?

Remember, the client will never care how much you know until the client knows how much you care. Have a wonderful day,,, I’m off to jail to visit new friends.


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