The Country Lawyer Is Dying

Well folks, it’s over. My run as the county lawyer ended today when the soon to be ex got the TRO and I have to move out. You know it ain’t easy, saying goodbye to where I hung my brim for all these years. I’m fighting to get the deer stands and feeders though, (they might look nice in the apartment I’ve got to get).  So it’s goodbye Baby, Slobber Dog and Goofy. I’ll kinda miss you. It’s goodbye old friend 4 wheeler.  The soon to be ex won’t even let me have my guns to take with me, even though she says, “I don’t want your guns”.  Another version of her truth told by the soon to be ex.

It’s bad enough that I’m in trial and have to find a place to live while I’m trying to defend a man’s life, but now I have just paid all the bills and then was told by the soon to be ex. It ain’t fair. I suppose I could sleep on my office couch, but I don’t have anywhere to shower.

Sometimes you have to take care of yourself in order to take care of your clients. I’ll have to do that. I wonder if there’s a YMCA in Bryan? Perhaps I could stay at the mission until I have the chance to find a place to live. I always look for the good and not the evil, but it’s hard to find when you’re used like a rag and then thrown down and torn up.

So off I go, my time as a Country Lawyer is ending quickly and I will have to adapt. I wonder if I can live up to my new title, whatever it may be? I suppose that you readers should suggest where I should journey next. Perhaps a foreign country? Perhaps a new city? Perhaps a new state? Perhaps a new title,, maybe “The Life and Times of an Ex-Texas Country Lawyer”?

Remember, everything is only temporary. What you build you or someone else can destroy easily. I understand the Indians, who traveled without boundaries, who did not cling to “things” and who, when it didn’t rain, moved the encampment to where it was raining. The tribe is more important than the individual.

I suppose that those “lawyers” will have to fight it out, spending thousands on the lawsuits that will flow from the carnage of divorce. The employment of an army of experts will surely be followed by a settlement for those who are afraid to go to trial. You know, money isn’t everything, but if it is,, the Achilles heel of those who seek money, is to take it from them. I don’t want to hurt my soon to be ex, that’s not right either. A pound of flesh isn’t retribution, it’s cruel.

You know, educating me and giving me the gift of love has taught me that the power is in the story and the person, not the institution. Those scholars who can’t tie their own shoes never understand what hit them in their gonads when they lose. They still think the world thinks they are high and mighty and it ain’t so.

I don’t like pain, I know of very few people who do. I just want to be heard and if the Judge or jury says it is as the soon to be ex says, so be it. I can accept that. I can’t accept me just giving in, it ain’t me. In the end, it won’t matter and life will go on. Adventures will continue and the journey to freedom grows ever stronger. I hope the story that is told doesn’t hurt the soon to be ex, that’s not my intention. I’m sure low blows will be thrown by her battalion of “lawyers”, and then there’s just little ole me, telling my story, unarmed and undermanned. Let the war begin, just where will it end? Who will be standing at the end of the day? Maybe the soon to be ex and her lawyers, maybe me. All I know is whatever happens, it will end and the new journey begins. Have a nice day, I’m off to find a witness for trial.


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