Wow, It’s Trial Time

Okay, now it’s time to climb into the arena again. Thank God for the TLC group in Dallas as they help me prepare for trial starting on Monday. I am excited to climb back into the square circle, but I am distracted by the lack of time the Judge gives me to prepare on the underlying case. Frankly, I am very afraid that I have very little time to prepare on the underlying case and its something I just have to deal with.

You know when dealing with a mentally impaired individual, it is impossible to get into their heads,, the trauma they have experienced in their lives is too great to discover and it is too great to work with. I must work on what I know and can not be afraid to use what I have learned in my life. I have a great compassion for those who are mentally impaired, maybe that’s why the Judges appoint me to all these difficult cases, and I can not try a case the way I normally would when the client is not mentally impaired.

So Monday it is, trying a case without the assistance of the client, but being ready nonetheless. It’s trial time. Have a nice day, I’m off to the ranch.


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