A Tribute To Elmer Kelton

Now many of you readers may not even know who the hell Elmer Kelton is,, but all you have to do is read one of his many fine books (novels) and you’ll throw away that efernal boob tube forever. I am currently reading one of Mr. Kelton’s best rated novels, although I suspect that all his novels are wonderful, styled “The Time It Never Rained”.

I am certain that in our lifetime, we meet several great people. I believe that those people have the courage to express themselves as who they are, through whatever medium they choose. I know Gerry Spence and consider him one of those individuals who has shaped the lives of so many others that I can not measure it.

I have never met Mr. Kelton, but I suspect he is another individual who is able to express himself through whatever medium he chooses. His novel is spellbinding and captures my every thought. It is almost as though you can picture yourself in the struggles his characters undertake and his scene setting is impeccable. I am drawn to the place he shows us in his novel. Incredible power, vision and insight are the very trademarks of Mr. Elmer Kelton’s writings.

I am told Mr. Kelton has written over 40, yes 40 books and his book  takes me back to a time when Roy and Hopalong rules the West. Saturday morning watching Roy, Hopalong and then The Lone Ranger is what all kids my age looked forward to on Saturday morning,, not some crappy cartoon.

Thank goodness for Mr. Kelton and his incredible awareness of being just himself sharing experiences of his life with us the readers. Now, how does this relate to a trial? If a lawyer can tell the story with the scenery and the emotion Mr. Kelton uses, one is well one the way to becoming a great trial lawyer. Folks, throw away that TV and get to reading. Have a nice day, I’m in Dallas preparing for trial.


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