Launch That Web Site

My goodness, I’ve got to get with it. I mean, after all, what self respecting “lawyer” doesn’t have  a web site? I’m a relic of the past and I need to rectify this immediately. It’s only right. I must go forth immediately into the future and become a part of the new breed of “lawyers” who shamelessly promote themselves via electronic advertising.

But, what’ll I say? What can this new fangeled web thingamajig do? Can I combine my lawyering skills with my ranching skills? Can I combine my lawyering skills with say, my hog hunting prow-less? And what about my offices? I have as many offices as some of those fancy gigantic law firms, so should I mention that? How about phone numbers? I have several phone numbers, should I mention that?

Should I say that I go anywhere to “lawyer”? Can I list my car as an office? Do I mention that? Shall I tell the audience exactly what type of law I practice? Should I tell the viewers, that I accept cattle for fees? Should I tell the viewers that I am just an old fart? Should I include an airbrushed photo? How about pictures of my staff? Should I take a picture of my dog Baby and say he’s my staff? Should I get a bunch of extremely sexy looking women or men and takes pictures of them and say their my staff? Shall I pose for a photo near the courthouse with say, an AR-15? Should I put the DA in gallows and say I’m the guy to chop off injustice’s ugly head?  Should I take a picture of an 18 wheeler that has overturned and a car that it smashed?  Should I go to the local hospital and take photos of someone on life support, (of course, I get them to sign a release saying I can use their photo)?

Wow, the possibilities are endless.  You know, sometimes these marketing gurus might tell me how to market myself, but how bout I just tell the truth about me, warts and all.  It’s best just to be myself and not some “super lawyer” image made up of a guy in a tort deform cape fighting injustice for all, able to leap a tall building in a single bound.

Nah, I’ll just be me.

So how does this relate to a jury trial? If you’re not yourself in the way you present yourself, you’re a phony and the jury will see right through you,,, just like those that may hire you when their life is on the line. Have a nice day, I’m off to Bryan, Texas for court this morning.


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