Ah, Monday Morning

It’s Monday morning everyone and it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. I have been awake for 1 1/2  hours now and have gone through a pot of coffee in anticipation of my Monday morning routine. I have paid what little bills I can pay at this point in time and am getting ready to spend a week in Houston, Dallas and then San Antonio. I like to travel around and this is the time I do that best. I have many court appearances in Houston and then I’m off to Dallas for training and then to San Antonio on Saturday for more training.

It’s good to be alive and enjoying my time on this ball of dirt I call earth. I will meet many of my old friends in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio, yet I strive to get back to these parts to practice law up here. I have a trial starting Monday, March 2, 2009 and it will be a memorable event in my client’s life. I will enjoy preparing for this one and will enjoy getting ready for my next one after that.

An interesting thing happens to me this week,, I will probably launch a web site for my practice up here. I actually look forward to that endeavour and hopefully it will bring in more business. I know I could use more money, as the habits I am acquiring are quite expensive.

My civil practice is taking off again and my criminal practice has always had its moments. Besides,, there’s an abundance of money. There’s an abundance of clients. There’s an abundance of things to do. I have decided that I will finish my cabin as soon as I have the money to pay the crews to finish it. It is time to complete this project once and for all.

How does this relate to the practice of law? Remember, a juror may have several things going on with him or her at that particular time in their life. So you must accept that their attention to your client’s case may not be as intent as you like,, but by recognizing them as individuals and  not judging them you will find an abundance of justice for your client. Have a nice day, I’m off to court this morning.


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