50 Caliber Sniper’s Rifle

Now those bastards at the gun shop always see me coming. I mean, I enjoy hunting hogs and I enjoy fine guns. I purchase guns for my collection and because at sometime or another, they will be outlawed. I’m against that. If you wanted to stop people from getting weapons,, just make the ammunition so damn expensive that it would be prohibitive to afford it. Then people could still have guns, but no ammunition. It’s kinda like having a tank to drive and shoot at everyone, but no diesel to move it. Problem solved.

Anyway, these bastards at the gun store just got in a 50 caliber rifle. The shells cost around $4.00 each and guess what,, I really need it. I mean, I can reach out and touch a hog at a mile to a mile and a half and not need a silencer or automatic weapon to make my point with them. Why you ask? Yesterday I was  walking on the ranch and came to a hole that a huge hog has dug looking for grubs or roots. The hole is approximately 3 feet deep. Now those of you who say so what, need to understand that when I am cutting hay for the cattle, if I drive into one of these holes, I can easily break equipment or an axle on one of my tractors. Big problem. The hogs won’t pay for the repairs to my equipment.

Now those of you animal rights folks just need to understand that if you want, I’ll give you all the hogs you want, just let them root up your nice manicured subdivision lawn and see if you still love these hogs that I try and eradicate. I’m betting you won’t. Also, maybe you can let them give you TB or any other number of diseases. Oh, by the way, Biscuit, your prize pet small lap dog, or Buffy, your pet cat, will be eaten by these hogs.  Still want them? Be my guest.

So there you have it, the absolute need for a 50 caliber sniper’s rifle complete with scope. I’ll take it. How does this post relate to practicing law and a jury trial? Well, if you ever have to face the enemy, who is always well funded and in endless supply, it’s better to hit them where they can’t see it coming.  Have a nice day, I’m off to go hunting with my friends.


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