So How Is Hog Hunting Like Building a Law Practice?

Today my friends, Sean, Matt and the other Matt are coming down to go hunting. You readers may remember that when I go to Dallas, I stay on my friends Sean and his room mate Matt’s couch. I usually go to Dallas at least once a month and sometimes more. It is always a pleasure to see these guys again and because Matt is getting married in August, we may never get to go hunting again.

Now the other Matt is coming up from Houston and is a lawyer down there. He and Sean are friends from Houston and Matt is getting ready to start his own law firm. It’s a tough decision, but one that can be very rewarding.  I would not recommend the methods I used when I started practicing law, but it has worked for me. I know only one thing,,, keep your overhead low. Do most of the work yourself and if you’re in the criminal law area of practice,  don’t buy a lot of useless law books.

Now if you wanted to start up a lawfirm practicing personal injury, I would again keep my overhead low and look for referrals from other lawyers as a way to begin practice. It is kinda like building a hunting guide service. I start out with very little expenses, and then grow.

When I started hunting here at the ranch, I bought some deer feeders, then I bought some tripod stands, then I built some bigger deer stands. Then I bought more stands and feeders and then more equipment, i.e., night lights, until I had quite an accumulation of hunting supplies. I then began advertising for hunters free in the hunting magazines and this year, I actually made a little money having hunters come here and hunt.

It keeps growing and growing and growing. This year I may build a web-site. I think I’ll call it Hog Hunter’s Heaven. I have a picture of a pretty guide, (maybe a Russian model) around 1/2 my age, dressed in camo and holding a rifle in one hand with a side arm strapped to her side. She’ll be standing over a shot hog and saying “I got mine at Hog Hunter’s Heaven”,, or some such verbage. Anyway, all those marketing principles I write about will come into play, just to get looked at. But the real truth is I build this service on results and I want everyone to get a shot at a hog.

It does no good to have someone pay money for hunting and not even get a shot off. They then tell their friends about the bad experience with their hunt and I loose potential customers. I would rather have them say,,, “we really enjoyed our time and got to shoot hogs”,, then the word of mouth becomes the best advertisement ever.

Hog hunting is kinda like building a law practice,, perform, perform and give results that you know you can deliver. Interview your hunters, (clients) afterwards and ask them if I can do anything better or if their experience was good or bad. Then shut up and listen. Make the changes the clients recommend. Never promise more than you can deliver and give it your best effort.   Everyone appreciates that. Remember to listen, listen, listen and care. You don’t know more than the person whose future is at stake. There is no easy path to riches,, just do the best you can do and be honest.

Remember Elder Statesman’s 5 rules of practicing law, (you’ll have to read the blog to find Elder Statesman’s rules) and you’ll never go wrong. The jury will never care how much you know, until the jury knows how much you care.

So there you have it, how to build a successful law practice just like hog hunting. Have a nice day, I’m off to town before my guests arrive.


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