Well Government, Why Didn’t You Disclose That Information?

You see if you are accused of a crime in Texas, the Government should tell you all relevant information regarding the actual innocence of your client. It’s only fair, right? So why did the Government not tell me that their main witness is fucking crazy? Certifiably crazy. Been to the loony bin several times. Thinks the phone company killed john F. Kennedy, (they did, but that’s another story).  Wardrobe includes tin foil hats. Convinced he was abducted by aliens. Is 3rd in line for the throne of England. Claims the CIA is doing mind experiments of him all the time. Convinced his dog talks to him and is the devil. Has intelligent conversations with himself and gets upset when people listen in.

The Government tells me the wrong birth date of the witness, so I can’t find the his mental records. Thank God, I’m court appointed and do not get paid to check on this stuff. I mean, it’s only a life sentence my client is facing. Besides no one  will ever care,, I mean after all, it’s only a life sentence for a person. And not only that,, he’s crazy, so we owe society a duty to put him away for life,, right?

I should have known,,, I mean if your client is crazy and he hangs around with his friends,, wouldn’t they be crazy also? I mean what normal person hangs around with a crazy person, right? Interesting.

So maybe it’s time to put my experience as a civil lawyer to work in criminal court. The law says essentially, except where instances of specific criminal law and procedure apply,,, the rules of Civil Procedure apply in criminal cases. Now what this means is this,, I can get the witness mentally examined. Maybe the police got a confession from a person who admitted he shot John Lennon or president Reagan and now the Government wants to put my client away for life based on this person’s testimony. Hogwash.

Here’s what you “lawyers” need to know,,, if you don’t give a shit about your client,, don’t take the case. If you are not willing to go the extra yard to get justice for your client,,, yes even without getting paid for it,, stay home. Become a real estate lawyer,, not a trial lawyer whose client’s life is in your hands. Hope your lawyer will go the extra distance for justice. Have a nice day,, this is gonna be fun in court today.


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