The Wooden Spoon

Around here, there’s one restaurant that will equal just about any 5 star fancy eatin place anywhere,, and oh yea,, it’s affordable. I am talking about some of the finest grub known to man, at least burgers and chicken fried steak, along with all the other items on the menu. It’s a shame not every town has a eatin place that is as good as this place and as affordable.

As you drive by on main street, Calvert, Texas, you might not even see The Wooden Spoon, after all, its sign outside just says “eats”. If you are ever in these parts, I suggest you stop in and “eat” here. As you walk inside, you don’t see any fancy posh tables, just hand painted wooden tables and a lot of the times, no tablecloths. The seats are not monuments to posturpedic lumbar support, but are comfortable nonetheless. Silverware is at best “eclectic”, that means it don’t match, and certainly the napkins are made of 4-ply paper, not some 800 count Egyptian thread cotton. I guarantee that The Wooden Spoon won’t win any architectural  or interior design awards, but it win win your palate.

You know, I don’t come here to write a fashion column, I come here to eat. And eat I do. Sampling the local cuisine is always a favorite hobby of mine and here is the best place to sample cuisine. Just try it, you’ll enjoy real food for a change. Remember no fancy saddle, just a thoroughbred horse, is all I ever look for and as far as eating,, well, this is the place.

So how does this relate to a jury trial? Remember, you can have a $10.00 nag with a $5,000.00 saddle and pay a hell of a lot for nothing, or you can still get a $10,000.00 thoroughbred with a $10.00 saddle and be a winner every time. Also, the $10.00 saddle makes the $10,000.00 thoroughbred affordable to be enjoyed by common folk like me. Have a nice day, I’m off to court.


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