There are some things in my life that mean so much to me that I feel I must share them you you. One of those things that tugs at my heart are the initials TLC. Now those of you who think you know what TLC means might not understand the words I assign to these simple initials.

You see, TLC to me stands for tender loving care as one metaphor, but also it stands for Trial Lawyers College. In my simple mind, these 2 terms are almost the same and Trial Lawyers College adds so much more to the picture it’s not even funny. In the mist of horrible struggles and internal wars each of us face, I have a secret weapon that many don’t have. I have the Trial Lawyers College. I am embarrassed that I am only one of a few that has experienced this powerful ally, however, I am very grateful to those who share it with me.

It means so much to me to belong to a tribe of warriors and to share victories and defeats with those who understand the battles I fight daily, that it’s not even funny. I really appreciate Gerry Spence and all the other warriors who guide me and have my back each day I go through life and give me the courage to face my demons daily. I hope each of you can find your TLC and prevail in your struggles that you face on a daily basis. Have a nice day, I’m off to a new adventure.


One Response to “TLC”

  1. Ken Behrend Says:

    Amen Brother! You speak the TLC truth. I am so glad that you have my back, as I am glad to have yours! Love, Ken

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