The Rosebud Auction

Well it’s the social event of the month around here and I sometimes like to go to it just for fun. Ocassionally, I’ll bid on something and then buy stuff I don’t need, but this month, I may need to bid on a couple of things that I’d like to buy at the right price and this is the auction with the right prices.

I really enjoy the atmosphere here at the auction and some, if not all the characters. There’s Mike the Mooch, Farmer Brown, Lawyer Big, Taxidermist Mike, Trucker Jody, and of course, the auctioneer. Now the auctioneer is actually a pretty good auctioneer, who you can understand. He only says 100 words a minute and usually starts the bid quite low, which I really like. He gets into the bidding process and moves the auction along with quite a bit of speed. The items usually sell for very reasonable prices and I’ve never had any complaints.

So once a month in Rosebud on the second Saturday of each month is the social event to attend. The thing I really like about this social event, is that I don’t need an invitation to attend. I don’t feel comfortable at any event that I am invited to attend, I feel out of place. So tomorrow I go to the auction in Rosebud at 6:00 P.M. sharp. Hope to see you there.

Now, how does this relate to a jury trial? Well, it’s like this,  if your client doesn’t have some joys in life, it’s difficult to tell his or her complete story. Hope your lawyer knows how to find your joys in your life and then relate them to the jury. Have a nice day, I’m still in the big city.


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