So What Do You Do With A Crazy Client?

I just got notice today that I have to be in trial on March 2, 2009. I am distressed that my client is not all there and even the DA knows it, yet demands that we go to trial. I suppose that just because I’m the last attorney on the case, I have to go to trial, but not this soon. I need more time.

Everyone, including the DA and the Judge is against me continuing the case for another 60 or so days. I am not and neither is my client, I suppose. I want to win this case, but I want to be prepared to win, not finish second. Now here’s the problem,, my client is crazy. Not in the sense of being absolutely crazy, but in the sense of not being all there. He ain’t right in the head.

His perception of things is different than say yours or mine and he is convinced that his charges are not correct. He is convinced that he is somehow protected from the charges he is accused of doing, because he is not required to do what the law says he must do. No one told him he had to register.

I receive volumes of legal treatises from him regarding his case and unfortunately, none of them are on point. I have received one “jail house” motion from him that may have some merit, but overall, he is not all with us. I wonder what a jury would do if it were asked if my client is competent?

The state’s doctor says he’s all there, but previous lawyers of his say he isn’t. I tend to agree with them, that he isn’t all there. I suppose that I’ll prepare more and more between now and then and ask the court for a continuance, but if necessary, I’ll have to try the case.

But which case will I try? Will it be the case of my incompetent / competent client? Or will it be the case of the government not proving my client guilty.  Anyway, it’s time to go to war again.

Sometimes the experts say you’re wrong, but if you know you’re not, then you must try your client’s case and tell the story that needs to be told for him,, nothing more nothing less. Have a nice day, I’m off to learn about myself.


One Response to “So What Do You Do With A Crazy Client?”

  1. Mike Says:

    Hey, can you shoot me an email? Appreciate it!

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