So How Does It Feel?

This question is asked of me approximately 50 times a day as I travel through the land of divorce. I am amazed how difficult the actual divorce becomes,, even with no children. I say that I have no children and that is true, but in another way, that’s not true.

You see, when you have no children, you begin to find love in inanimate objects. No I don’t mean sex toys, what I mean is this,,, the Ranch becomes my child. I have spent a child’s lifetime working on the ranch, feeding it, building its tree houses and deer stands,, making water wells, fixing up its houses, tending to the land and nurturing the soil, the water, the air until I fall in love with that little speck of dirt I call the ranch in Central Texas. I nursed it through its droughts, through its soil tests, through its viral mesquite outbreak and many other hard working memories. I built many fences. All gone forever.

It’s like having your heart cut out from the inside and then having to watch the operation over and over and over again, with the use of any anesthesia. I mean the only thing, other than Baby and those other 2 dogs and the cats, I love is now being taken away from me,, forever,, without any visitation privileges.

I know now how parents feel when the “other” tries to take away the children and no visitation whatsoever. Man it hurts deeply. Its very painful and goes to the very essence of who we are.

I am in another city,, and when I get back on Friday evening,, I fully expect to be served with a restraining order and  injunction preventing me from going near the ranch,, kinda like an injunction preventing you from seeing your children. The only problem is,,   I didn’t abuse the child,, I never abused the ranch or the “other” but more importantly, the ranch.

So there you have it the eternally bothersome question,, “how do you feel?”, being asked again and again. It makes your stomach sick to hear it over and over and over.

Well how does this relate to trials? I guess I could say I should now do domestic divorce cases, or that I now know how business partners feel about their business, but what I really want you readers to know is this,, there are times when your client complains about his or her losses and the cold, dark, dead world of law says,, “there is no sentimental value for ownership of that piece of property at all”,, I hope your lawyer understands what its like to lose a child and then makes your story about loss of business or cars or property come alive in front of a jury. Have a nice day, I’m in the big city.

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