Well Damnit, It’s Time to Climb Back Into the Arena

You know that somethings are inevitable. Somethings are impossible to avoid and somethings are what we must do, and ultimately become who we are. It’s that time again, time to step into the arena and battle to the death. You see, the battles I fight for my clients are life and death battles to them, whether it be a battle for freedom or a battle to gain back their dignity.

I know some of you must wonder how warriors prepare for battle and I think loud and hard about answering this question. I can not give a blow by blow description of my training schedule in preparation of my battle, but I can generalize for you the techniques and methods I use to win.

I have one particular case in mind to bring to trial,, that case is an armed robbery case. My client and I already spend over 80 hours preparing for battle and we have much more to do.  I will meet with him again and ask his permission to become part of your world,,, not waiving the attorney / client privilege, but describing the evolution of a trial preparation case. I hope he will allow you the readers to meet him as he really is a wonderful human being. I know his story must be told and it’s better if he allows me to tell it with him and share with you the readers.

I can write in this story the following general description,, today we met and worked on the case. We worked on voir dire. We met for 4 hours at the jail. Those vague descriptions do not invalidate the attorney / client privilege. I would hope that my client gives us permission to explore his journey in more detail  along with trial techniques added.

Anyway, I hope your lawyer knows his or her true calling in life and understands the importance of preparation. Have a nice day, I’m off to another city for a few days.

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