So, More Therapy?

So, what’s a guy supposed to do? I mean, coming back to the place I used to call home only to be informed that this is not mine or any part of mine at all,, I mean,, how the hell am I supposed to feel? I only spent 18 or so years helping to build this ranch,,, and then to be told that I’m not ever to come back here??? Oh, and by the way,, pay these bills?

What? What? I remember when I am very young,, only a few acres or so,, I am quite proud to have been started by my present owners, beginning in the cattle business. And now, look at me, a thousand or so times bigger, you know,, I wasn’t just built by 1 person,, it took a team,, not a selfish person who says “I did it all alone.” That’s notĀ  the story,,, that’s not the truth, but,, so what?

You know anger can give way to hurt and hurt can be helped. I can deal with hurt,, I just don’t have much time to deal with anger. So, more therapy it is.

Remember, your clients suffer hurt also,, they feel the pain in every waking moment. Just getting past the anger is a large part of healing,, so therapy it is. I hope your lawyer knows the value of healing,, and the greatness of therapy. Have a nice day,, I’m off to therapy again.


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