My Goodness It’s Sunday

My goodness, it’s Sunday and I’m about to finish my psychodrama seminar. I learn so much at these events that it’s not even funny. I learn about me and my issues and then explore those issues I have that are keeping me from being a better trial lawyer.

Although I don’t like to admit it, I deal with those issues here in Roundtop, Texas. You know, I’ve never know anyone to overdose on therapy and it sure feels good to get mentally healthier than when I come here.

Now you might ask, how does that help me be a better trial lawyer? Well, can anyone give their best performance when they are ill? Can you be at the top of your game when you are feeling physically sick? Can you do the best job you need to do for your client when you are violently throwing up? I say and it is no secret that everyone else would say,, no you can’t do your best job when you are ill.

So why shouldn’t that apply to mental health also? I mean, if we all know we can’t do our best when we are physically ill, can we do our best when our minds our distracted by our dramas we live in our lives? Can we really be the best for our client when say were are worried about our divorce? When we are afraid, searching for our own answers and it affects us as trial lawyers personally, can we be the Olympic champion our client needs? Isn’t survival the first and greatest instinct? So if we perceive our survival is threatened,, do we really give a crap about our client’s silly-ass mundane problem that he or she brought on themselves?

I’m not advocating that all lawyers need to go out and become therapists, but don’t our clients really look to us for solutions? I’ve spent most of my adult life in conflicts and turmoil, mostly that of my clients and have I neglected me? Maybe it’s time to help the healing begin.

It seems that every 7,000 or so miles, I take my car, you know the one the banker owns and I’m just babysitting, into the shop and have its needs met; its oil changed and whatever else needs to be done. Shouldn’t I go in to the “shop” and get my needs met and me a check up every 7 months or so? Maybe more, maybe less, but nonetheless, I need to do it to become a better person and a better lawyer. Hope your lawyer will let his or her healing begin, have a nice day, I’m off to psychodrama.


One Response to “My Goodness It’s Sunday”

  1. Bill Wysong Says:

    Hi, Paul:

    Glad to read of your experiences in psychodrama. I am a licensed architect in Colorado and also found that psychodrama was good for me. As a result, I decided to train in psychodrama and get an MA in psychology. I am now a TEP (Trainer, Educator, and Practitioner in psychodrama) and licensed professional counselor. For a different experience you may like the American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama conference held in St. Louis this March 26-30. Details can be found at

    Are you being trained by my fellow TEP, John Nolte?

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