Seminar City

You know as lawyers, we are required to go to seminars to continue our ongoing legal education. We are required by the State Bar of Texas to take some 16 hours of continuing legal education each year and at least 3 hours must be ethics. Now I’ve already met my requirements, but I still go to seminars.

Funny thing though, the seminars I go to usually aren’t like what you’d think lawyers would go to. The seminars I attend really don’t teach much law per se, they teach how to be a better person and thus trial lawyer. Imagine that. A seminar where you don’t go to the back of the room and sleep while some so called expert regurgitates all that he knows about this or that.

Anyway, I’m off at a trial seminar (psychodrama) in Roundtop, Texas with several new and old friends. The food is excellent and I lucked out a got a single room somehow, at least for last night. I am really excited to get underway today.

As far as filling out my reporting requirements for my law license, well, I’ve watched Perry Mason, Matlock and LA Law, along with healthy doses of Boston Legal in the past,, so do I really need boring seminars, or do I need seminars that will greatly enhance my trial skills?

I am a trial lawyer,, not a book lawyer. I can read what is written in those cold, dead books of law,,, or I can bring a client and his or her struggle for justice alive in front of an audience of 12 people.  I chose to bring the stories alive. Have a nice day,, I’m off to grow.


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