How Come “They” Killed Class Action Lawsuits?

So, what’s the deal? How come “they” killed class-action lawsuits? Those that have power and money as their Gods (insurance defense and corporate law firms) have answered this question as whores of their clients. They do exactly what their clients demand,,, stop allowing us to get sued by lawyers. Stop allowing those evil Plaintiff’s lawyers to take away our profits we screw out of the American public.

Don’t you realize, they say to their lawyers, that if we make an extra $40.00 from someone on the sale of an item,, we will enhance our bottom line.  Our Gods, money and profit will be happy. Don’t you damn lawyers realize that no one, not even those insignificant lawyers for justice,,, will ever sue us. We keep you lawyers (whores) fed from our trough of never ending money,, how come you let us get sued?

We don’t mind one or 2 nuisance lawsuits from someone in small claims court for the $40.00, but if the consumers really figure out how much we actually screw them out of; why there ‘d be millions of these lawsuits against us. And then someone might get the idea of consolidating them together and making us tell how many people we actually sold our product to and how much money we actually made off those idiots whom we tell what to eat, what to drive and when to use our product. We can’t allow that. It would affect our Gods of money and profit. How dare those who we screw sue us?

Can’t you damn lawyers (whores) do something? And if you don’t,,, well, we’ll just take our money elsewhere and hire some other whore (law firm) to do our dirty work. We must do everything we can to stop this threat of losing money. What if we tell the public that these Plaintiff’s lawyers will make millions and millions of dollars in fees and each consumer will only get $15.00 back? Won’t that look bad for the greedy, sleazy, Plaintiff’s lawyers? We can manufacture made up statistics about tort deform and get someone who cries on out the electronic babysitter that lawyers sued me and ruined me. We’ll also get someone to talk about frivolous lawsuits and how it causes people’s insurance rates to go up.

What we’ll never, ever disclose is how many millions and millions we make off our illegal actions. We can never allow that. So we’ll settle with the class action lawyers by asking them first,,, “how much money do you want to make in attorneys fees?” Then, we’ll settle the class action lawsuit after the greedy lawyer gets his cut. We”ll still never have to disclose how much money we make off this practice and later,, we can figure out how to go back to it or how to screw the public a different way.

Watch out ,, I feel a class action coming,,, I got screwed out of $41.30,,, and I know I’m not the only one who has also. Only I’ll take it to trial and make you tell the public how much money you make screwing the public. Your Gods of power and money won’t like that very much at all. Have a nice day,, I’m off to court.


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