Poetry and Trial Skills

Now how in the hell does poetry have anything at all to do with trial skills? Come on, you’re now confirming that you’re officially out in left field. You’re not just one, but probably 18 bricks shy of a full load. Your elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top. On and on the comments go, until someone bothers reading this article.

It seems that those who know about trial, know that trial skills are honed in the  life and death battle in the arena we call the courtroom. Just imagine, an opponent armed with the latest weaponry, the money that is unlimited and besides what’s another cool $100,000.00 or so when they kill the opponent? The ones who Gods are power and money, who own the judges, who have the warriors with the impeccable pedigrees, those that are paid by and endless supply of non-humanness, complete with their unlimited budgets. All to kill those who dare seek justice.

So how do the warriors win?

To fight in the monuments made of glass, stone and steel

By those whose Gods are power and money

No living thing ever will survive

Just the endless non-human thing with no life or love

No life exists in these prisons, no love can be shown

All who enter seeking justice are turned away at the gates

Hope springs forth, a bright light, to tell a tale of love

Told by a simple storyteller with the power of love.

Justice is found.

No non-human thing can ever win against the power of love. Have a nice day, I’m off to court.


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