Even The Dog Deserted Me

It’s amazing in times of a divorce what really happens. It seems all the friends who knew both of the parties take sides with one or the other. Most people just quit showing up to functions and some who claim to be your friend by way of the soon to be ex’s girlfriend, can’t speak your name in public much less even recognize you for fear of reprisal from their significant other. I see many people taking sides in this life or death skirmish, without even listening to the individuals speaking their truths.

But I guess that’s to be expected. What is never expected is how the animals take sides. I’m not sure if it is because of loyalty, or a desire just to be fed, but they take sides in the matter. I usually sleep with Baby and lately he has been deserting me in the night just to go to the soon to be ex. Now the other 2 dogs I expect that from, but Baby? I mean it’s as though the forces of survival and nature allow the animals to sense the victor before the battle has begun. How is that possible? I really don’t know, but it happens.

I’ve also noticed that the dogs spend less and less time sniffing me and wanting me to pet them. I guess the impending sense of “this is dead meat here” is an instinct that the animals have. I also believe that the animals can understand the feelings the human counterparts have. Then the dogs naturally navigate away from the perceived loser and toward the perceived winner.

I wonder if this behavior is also in the cats? I wonder if Butterball will give a crap whether or not a divorce is ongoing, or whether he will just get fed? These cats are outside cats, by the way, Meow is in heat again, and if my theory is correct, then the cats won’t let me pet them when I bring them food. Interesting.

You know man has several natural instincts that have been suppressed through media and various products advertised on that boob tube. We are constantly being told over and over again by our “teachers” that things should be this and this, not that. We are constantly being told to become sheep and never individuals. We are constantly being told what to eat, how to dress, what car to drive, etc. In fact, today there’s this gigantic “game” on the boob tube and I’m reading that commercials cost $3,000,000.00  for 30 seconds of exposure in front of the largest audience ever. Amazing. This boob tube and its advertisers will tell us what we must drink, what erection pill we must use and various other items we can’t live without.

We are constantly having our natural instincts suppressed by a bombardment of crap spewed from the electronic baby sitter that most can’t live without. How embarrassing. Yet an animal knows who will win and who will lose before the battle begins. I wonder if humans still have this instinct?

There you have it, how this relates to a jury trial. If you think you should take animals into the courtroom and let them chose who will win and who will lose, you really should stop watching that boob tube. If you understand the message here, maybe your lawyer will develope the jury’s instincts to find the winner before the battle begins. Have a nice day, I’m off to the construction site.


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