Building That Cabin

You know, I’m building a cabin here at the ranch. It’s a wonderful cabin that I can move into when I finish it. I have the men coming again on Sunday to continue working on it. The building itself is over 120 years old. It’s an old house that I am tearing down, all except for 2 rooms that I will leave standing just to make the cabin out of them.

It’s quite exciting, a place that I actually build by myself without money, just work and raw materials. I have 2 wells next to the old house and it already has a septic system, so it’ll be easy to finish. I’m going to get a new dog that will be an outdoor dog and can survive in weather that gets down to 20 degrees only once in awhile. I’ll leave out hay for my new dog to sleep in. I’ll also make sure that he or she has shade in the summer, because it gets up to 100 degrees in the summer.

I do believe that dogs can survive outside and it is my understanding of history that the dogs of earlier times did in fact survive outside. Anyway, I’ll get another dog like Baby, just as smart and hopefully just as brave. It’ll be nice having a new dog to play with and I’ll have a tremendous amount of fun doing so, but I’ll need to make room for the possibility that my new dog will want to run all night, so I’ll have to build pens to set him or her in.

I guess that my new dog should have a name, so what will  it be? Come on readers, all of you, and suggest a name for my yet to be acquired new dog.

So. I also have to build solar devices for the new cabin and maybe get a wind turbine,, you know, so I won’t have to pay the man for electricity. I’ll need to build a root cellar and a shelter for storms. I have to set up a water storage facility and filtration site. It’s a damn good thing I read a lot, because I need to know how to do these things.

I guess I’m out in left field about my new living arrangements, I’m just excited about it and ready. Anyway, sometimes a jury just wants to move on and finish the job at hand. It helps when you understand the dynamics of a group and then can tell your client’s story so that your jury gives justice to your client. I hope your lawyer has an understanding of group dynamics. Have a nice day, I’m going back to the ranch.


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