Dallas, I’m Here

Well, I finally made it to Dallas to enjoy the company of friends and work on cases with other lawyers who graduated form the Trial Lawyers College. It’s kinda like a big reunion all over again where you get to see your favorite people and mingle and mix with them.

I miss all of my friends and getting to reconnect with them is important to me. Belonging to a tribe is the most important act an individual can do in their life. I mean it again sets values for those who have them, it reminds us of who we aspire to be and it strengthens relationships all over again.

I write these things because I can’t sleep very well in strange places and I’m staying at my friend Sean’s place in Dallas. It’s actually a very nice place, but I don’t sleep much in strange places and even though I’m exhausted, I still don’t sleep very well. I’m looking forward to seeing the members of the tribe again and will enjoy their company tremendously.

Anyway, sometimes it’s important to remember that jurors are in a strange environment when they serve on juries and maybe they don’t sleep well either, so I hope your lawyer can help them feel comfortable in their strange environment. Have a nice day, I’m off to work with my friends.


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