Chuckwagon Sally’s Reply

now, chuckwagon sally has been quiet up till now.  but, now she can no longer contain herself.
when i, chuckwagon sally and my best friend geronimo, initially read paul’s site a few days ago, she was appalled at all of the lies it contained.  then, she thought, why am i surprised since that is what lawyers do – lie (which is why my dad called the liars not lawyers).  so, she felt compelled to set the record straight.

first and foremost the “ranch” that paul writes about was bought and paid for by ol chuckwagons father in 1980 (prepaul).
secondly, all of pauls siblings have been divorced and are working on their second time around.  so paul, you don’t have to worry about gettin off your high horse because your ass just got bucked off.
thirdly, pauls idea of a divorce settlement is that everything stays the same (except the marriage) and he still inherits everything when i die. nice if you can get by with it.
forthly, the fact that ol chuckwagon calls paul an idiot from time to time is exemplified by what he has actually been writing the past few days.  i don’t need a jury to come to that conclusion.
and last but far from least, if you want to talk about freaks – enter pauls siblings and their offspring.  at least my sisters kids are extremely intelligent, very well educated (westminster high school in atlanta, ga. where my niece is working on her senior year there.  my nephew is on a partial scholarship in film school at USC (he is presently in Milan studying abroad for a semester).  they are both well grounded kids and have a good head on their shoulders.  now pauls nieces and nephews are all intellectual freak loosers.  so, stuff that up your a– paul.  (this description excludes pauls oldest brothers daughter who will have nothing to do with pauls imidiate family).
i am sure that i could go on and on but i have to get back to the campfire that is built on my family’s land.

There you have it, her reply.


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