Well it can happen to anyone including me. It amazes me that after so many years of marriage, a divorce is the answer. I guess when people change or wake up, they realize the situation they are in is not good and it’s time to exit stage left. I am okay exiting stage left. It will allow me time to practice law and only have to pay my bills. I am glad that my overhead is fixing to get cut by $75,000.00 per year. It’s not hard to understand why I feel this way.

It amazes me the logic spouses who undergo a divorce have,, that’s mine, no that’s mine. I want this and just because you have want this, I want it more than ever. I don’t understand the dynamics of a divorce, but I’ll learn quickly enough. What I do understand is my soon to be ex’s sister is undergoing a divorce and now my soon to be ex wants another one. I suppose it’s the difference of how you are brought up. You see, in my family, the folks never divorced. In my soon to be ex’s family, her parents got divorces like I change underwear. I also notice that fighting has become a thing that happens instead of talk or reason.

Understand that for 17 years of my life, my soon to be ex and her sister were involved in lawsuits against each other, initiated by one or the other.  Now, they are best friends. I’m glad to see that, but I notice the lack of independent thinking by my soon to be ex, now that sister is back in her life after 25 years.  It seems that it is easier to blame someone else than look at yourself in great detail. Also the “I hate men” group is now discussed for hours a day on the phone between them.  I practice law and know there are always 2 sides to every story. It’s just like Fox news around here though, I only hear one side of the story, over and over and over again. I feel a great sense of sadness for these two individuals. I hope they get what they want.

I fear that my soon to be ex will do something extremely stupid, like give her sister control of her assets. Huge mistake. I remember that my soon to be ex went to Atlanta to help her sister with her divorce and was supposed to stay for 5 days. They got into a big fight that night and my soon to be ex came back to Texas, swearing never to speak to her sister again. Now, in my ex’s following her sister’s lead, I fear she’ll be listening to her sister about control of her assets and not think clearly.

It seems to me that my soon to be ex’s sister spent all of her money of her kids, which is okay, but having made that choice, don’t ruin the lives of others. I can only watch from the sidelines as I will soon be out of this to say the least, interesting family dynamic. Oh well.

After so many years of marriage, I actually look forward to the new times ahead, I look forward to moving on. I am tired of this crap that I created and now I can get out.  I’m not even sure if I can get a jury trial on this matter, but I’ll look forward to telling this story, even if only to a Judge.

Anyway, divorce is like any other trial, just prepare, learn the client’s story, and tell it. I can’t wait. Perhaps I’ll get one of my classmates to tell the story for me. I’m off to court and then Houston. Have a wonderful day, I know I will. The excitement of the new life is incredible.


One Response to “Divorce”

  1. Shaula Says:

    I’ve very sorry to hear you’re going through this.

    I hope you have all of the support around you that you could ever wish for.

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