Chuckwagon Sally’s Main Beef

It seems that everyone these days has a beef that needs expressing. Chuckwagon Sally is in the lead in this category with hardly anyone in second place. It seems that Chuckwagon Sally is always upset with business decisions that I make. Now mind you, I’m not a good businessman, in fact, I’m quite lousy at it. I’ll try and help the people who give me the “con” story that they just ran out of gas and need $10.00 to get home. I’m a sucker for this type of behavior.

So it seems that Chuckwagon Sally can complain about the finances faster than anyone can complain about the weather, yet won’t do anything about it. I have to digress here a moment. We have health insurance that costs an arm and a leg to get, yet for some unknown reason, Chuckwagon Sally refuses to pick up the phone and call the doctor. She treats everything with expensive vitamins, which quite frankly don’t work at all. Surgery is the only answer to her problem, not vitamins. Next she’ll read some article about some Houston doctor treating his patients with “pig urine” charging $10,000.00 for this “experimental” treatment and want to go to him just to avoid surgery. It makes no sense at all.

The vitamin invoice is around $350.00 per month. The surgery is free. The vitamins don’t work. The surgery will. The savings on the cost of vitamins will pay off many debts over time. I would tell a client, if you are concerned about saving money and paying off debt, why don’t you just permanently treat your medical condition? It seems Chuckwagon Sally’s sister is responsible for this idea now firmly placed in Chuckwagon Sally’s head. Hey, you in Atlanta, you ain’t gonna live forever, so why spend $250,000.00 on vitamins when surgery is free? I just don’t get it. Complain about my simple habits, i.e., buying ammunition for a gun, ($120.00) or me buying books, ($250.00), but realize I only buy them once in awhile, not every month like you.

I’ve also buy diesel and gas storage tanks so I can buy diesel and gas in bulk, thus lock in prices, but those items actually save money in the long run. Remember $4.50 gas, well, it’ll be back. so will $4.00 diesel. It’s better to buy 1500 gallons on diesel at $2.09 per gallon than $4.00, now isn’t it? I may not be the best at math, but I can sure figure that one out.

Anyway, I am amazed that people explain their finances like that. I mean, how do you justify spending money on an ongoing losing proposition when there is a fix once and for all?  I guess it’s like trying to convince people that the evidence is overwhelming against their beliefs, but no matter what, they just dig in deeper and deeper into their beliefs. A fine example is our last fearless leader’s stance on how great the economy is, when the evidence conclusively shows it’s not. While confronted with overwhelming evidence to the contrary, fearless leader kept “telling” the American people how strong our economy is. No matter what anyone said, no matter what the statistics showed, he kept “reassuring” us the economy was fine. So how many of you readers lost your retirement or house? Do you think our ex fearless leader was telling the truth?  You know, they prosecuted the folks at Enron for making those same type of statements.

Now then, how to relate this to a jury trial. You’re going to meet people on your jury who just are plain wrong. End of story. If you try and change those beliefs of those people, you’ll just have them dig in deeper and deeper until you hurt your client. Others on the jury will feel sorry for them and take up their cause. Accept them for who they are, what they believe and you’ll get much better results. I hope your lawyer accepts the gifts the jurors give him or her. Have a nice day, I’m off to pick up another gas storage tank.

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