A Letter From The Goverment

It begins innocently enough, this document that controls the destiny of a man. You see this letter is from the agency who brought you illegal searches and seizures, illegal wiretaps and illegal police techniques,,, it’s a letter from the government addressed to me, concerning my client.

You must understand that I am just appointed to this case maybe a week before Christmas or so. I meet with my client only once or twice in the last few days and the last 3 attorneys who work on his case before me, all let the Judge know my client is crazy and all ask to court to appoint new counsel to him,,, so here I am. I don’t know any of this going in, but one of the first documents I receive is the “competency” report after meeting with my client. I really do not think he’s crazy or incompetent, just that he wants to go home and can’t understand why he is being charged with a crime.

I do not think my client is an idiot. I am not surprised when the government sends me their letter, telling me that since my client refuses their last offer,, all bets are off and you can just get the discovery from the other attorneys that work on the case before you. Also, the government informs me, we are ready for trial and intend on going on February 2nd.

Okay. I subpoena the government’s chief witness to a hearing we have next week asking her to bring the records she so desperately clings on to and then let’s see what is there. What have other “lawyers” missed? What have they decided their client must do? Just because their client refuses to accept a deal for time served and instead faces life, the other “lawyers” seek permission from the court to withdraw from the case. Why? Whose life is it anyway? Who has to do the time? Who is the one who decides whether to take the deal or not?

I sense the problem with the system; a person doesn’t want a conviction of any sort, so they all (government and court appointed counsel) work together to scare the client into a plea for time served. Why? I wonder why these attorneys then run to the court asking to be let out, when they hold the key to their freedom. Try the case, if that’s what the client wants. End of story. Just prepare, prepare, prepare and prepare. No wonder the public mistrusts “lawyers” today. The jail conversation might go like this.

Client: I don’t want to deal, I’m innocent.

Lawyer: You’re facing life, I got you time served and a lesser felony charge.Take the damn deal, you idiot.

Client: I’m innocent. I don’t want to deal.

Lawyer: Okay, I warned you,, go ahead and get life. The jury will hammer you. You idiot. I’m withdrawing.

Client: Okay. Hell, I’ll represent myself and do better because I believe in my innocence.

It’s pathetic today. The “lawyers” ego is such that if the client doesn’t do what they, the “lawyer” says, well will the lawyer even give it a 30% effort?

I hope your “lawyer” isn’t trying your case after you go against his or her advice and want a trial. You’ll be surprised how many prophecies are fulfilled when a “lawyer” doesn’t get his or her way. After the carnage, the “lawyer” looks at you the client and says, “see you should have taken the deal I got for you,,, I told you so.” Have a nice day, I’m off to the store.


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