Well, It’s Time to Hunt

It’s time to hunt here at the ranch. We have the feeders filled with corn and have several guests coming in to hunt this week, so I get to be a hunting guide all over again. It’s amazing to me the levels of experience when I go hunting with the guests. Last night’s guests are pretty damn good hunters and the level  of maintenance is very low. That’s not always the case. Sometimes, I spend hours just being with these hunters who come and bag “game”  here on the ranch. Although I enjoy the experiences and money hunting brings to the table, it distracts from my real purpose; the art of lawyering.

I have been very lucky so far, the hunts have not cost me much money and every time I have hunters come in, I always learn something new. For instance, the group last night wants to hunt for meat and are quite successful, (and damn good shots). Cleaning the hogs is something I am very glad they did and that I didn’t have to do.  But when they want to clean the hogs they shot, I realize I am not set up as good as I should be. I mean, I don’t have a walk-in cooler, nor a deep freezer for meat. I do not have an ice maker to ice down the meat after the cleaning of it.

So, here’s a wish list,,, 1 used ice maker, 1 used old freezer for meat after the kill and clean, 1 hoist for raising the animal off the ground and skinning it, 1 fully lighted facility for cleaning, 1 water hose for cleaning, 1 endless supply of knifes and latex gloves and finally, 1 sink and cutting surface.

So how did we skin the hogs? Well, remember the John Deere  tractor story? Front end loader makes a great hoist. Lights are provided by the tractor and trucks and after cleaning and skinning the hogs at the barn, we just get the water hose from the front yard to clean up.

So anyway, relating this to a jury trial is quite simple; it is very important to be prepared; it is important to listen to suggestions from your audience regarding tools you should have to improve your skills; it is important to prepare for each juror individually and address their needs and it is important to adjust to what the jury wants. Have a nice day these hunters are coming back at 5:30 A.M.


2 Responses to “Well, It’s Time to Hunt”

  1. jigmeister Says:

    Does wild hog have a flavor distinctive from other hogs and pigs?

    • paul2413 Says:

      Yes it does. It tastes quite good. A wild hog has very little fat on it as opposed to a domestic hog, which has a heck of a lot of fat on it. Usually the boars, (male hogs), have an absolutely horrible taste to them because of the testosterone in them. The sows, (females) have an excellent taste to them and are healthier for you than most other meats if properly prepared.

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