It’s All Quiet at the Ranch

It makes me nervous when it’s so quiet here at the ranch. Usually, there’s coyotes howling, the wind blowing or something going on that makes me appreciate action. Sometimes the dogs howl at God knows what, but this morning, nothing,,, all quiet.

I know you might think that’s a good thing and maybe it is this time, but generally, it’s not. There’s usually quiet before a big storm and today there’s that uneasy feeling in the air. I’ve checked the weather forecast and no storms are in the immediate future, just absolute quiet. The fire warnings are up in  this county because we haven’t had a good rain in months. Normally, it’s our rainy season and yet nothing so far this year.

You know a whole article could be written on the sound of silence. It seems that today we are bombarded by noises wherever we venture. If I hear any more of that infernal boob tube, I might just snap. I hear constant noise almost every day of my life. I only hear silence when I am in the deepest recessions of the ranch on some deserted spot. But that too is interrupted by the occasional sound of an airplane flying overhead or the cry of a coyote.

I must confess that I really enjoy the sounds of silence. I enjoy the ability to clear my head from any distractions and listen, just listen. It amazes me how the trappings of our modern society allow us to live with such noise pollution and not reject any of it. I am at peace and at my best in silence. It helps me prepare for the coming battles. It cleanses me and removes all those pesky distractions. It is healthy.

I hope your lawyer learns to sit in silence and just listen. It will improve his or her communications skills with the jury and achieve more positive results for you. Have a nice day,,, in silence.


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