Helping a Friend

The other day one of my friends asks me to help him try a lawsuit with / for him. Now normally, I don’t mind, but today it’s different. You see, lawyers learn nasty habits that they don’t want to break and it becomes very difficult to “help” someone when all they do is hurt themselves and their clients. I guess its like this, I really want to help, but if “they” won’t listen, then I can’t help them. How about you readers? Are you open to new experiences?

I like to think I am asked to help because of my track record and that I win, but if I am confined to fight the fight with someone’s  armor and outdated weapons, then I don’t want to fight that fight. I am asked for help, now let me help, but let me show you a different way, you know, one that works.  I assume the reason you’re calling on me is you want to win, so why won’t you let me win for your client? I assume you trust me to do the right thing, so let me.

You know there are some battles that you fight in life because they are right, they are never easy, never politically correct, but just right. Those are the battles I want to fight.

Someone asked me the other day, “Why do you stand up for those who can not afford you?” I answer as above. Those are the ones that need help. If the government can do it to them, the government can do it to us. It’s just the way it is. Nothing more, nothing less. If you want help, then open yourself to the possibility that help may arrive in a different form than the one you’re thinking about.

Now how to relate this post to a jury trial. It appears that in a jury trial you’re asking for help from some people who you may not have known before the trial, so trust them and let them help you. I hope your lawyer trusts your jury. I’m off to court.


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