I’ve Just Won The Nigerian Lottery

Wow, shortly I’ll be so rich that I’ll never have to work again for it appears that I’ve just won the Nigerian lottery. It appears that one of my relatives, who I never met, has been a coffee trader for many years and then he died leaving no heirs,, so here I am. It also seems that the Nigerian government has trusted him with a rather large money pouch containing millions of dollars that is at Federal Express and all I have to do is claim it.

Wow, the great news just keeps coming. I’ve also won a free I-Pod and the Microsoft European Lottery. I will get free computers the rest of my life, free groceries and many other supplies for free. I’m telling ya, there ain’t a luckier guy on the face of the earth than me. It also is rather flattering that some secret admirer wants to meet me in this area.

Incredible luck I say. All I have to do, according to Barrister Humphrey Johns is send a small handling fee to get this money. I most certainly will NOT. Just give out a credit card number and I’ve won the free computer or I-Pod. I think I might give them one of those fake credit cards you sometimes get in the mail as an offer to apply for a real credit card.

By the way, I got an email from a British fellow inquiring about fishing here on the ranch. It seems he was interested in a 3 day fishing trip and he would give me his credit card numbers, all I had to do was forward some of the amount I would charge to his expediter and keep the rest. I suppose that if I did that, this nice British fellow would then reverse charges on the credit card after I’d already paid this “expediter” his fee. I emailed him back telling him that fishing here at the ranch is a bargain and all he’d have to do is sent $100,000.00 cash for his 3 day trip. I ain’t heard back from him yet.

So there you have it, the old principle that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That’s usually the case with opposing counsel or those fine fellows representing the government. I am always skeptical of any offers I might receive from them and so should you. Just think of them as the huckster telling you that your client just won the Nigerian Lottery or some such nonsense and you’ll be a better lawyer for your client. Have a nice day, I’m off to earn some money.


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